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HVAC Coil Cleaner Case of 4
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HVAC Coil Cleaner Case of 4

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

BEATS Calgon NUBrite! I use this in all my Jack in the Box locations to clean the condenser coils on my refrigeration units inside and out!!  Gary S.    This is Sustainable GREEN Coil Cleaner!  1 gallon of this makes 5 gallons of Heavy Soil Condenser Coil Cleaner.  6 gallons of medium soil and 8 to 10 gallons of light soil cleaner!!  Thats CHEAP!!!  By the BEST, forget the REST!  One case makes up to 32 gallons of ready to use Cleaner!!! BEST VALUE!

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1 Case of 4 - 1 gallon bottles of Condenser Coil Cleaner Concentrate.   Cost savings concentrate.  Dilute with water, 4 parts water to 1 part cleaner for heavy soils 8 parts water to 1 part cleaner for light soils.  Removes dirt, grime, oils, cottonwood dust, soil and water deposits on the cooling fins leaving them more effective in heat transfer.  Buy a case and save $10.00 per gallon.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Desmond Fernando
    Sep 5, 2017, 15:03
    this is a concentrated product that seems to be the same dilution ratio at the concentrated NuBrite product. I diluted it 5 parts water to 1 part coil cleaner and sprayed my AC coils, It was amazing how it cleaned them. I then waited a good 10 minutes and rinsed it out. Works great! Better than NuBrite!