Cleaners & Odor Eliminators

RAVA Odor Eliminator

USA Green, LLC has a deep desire to have an impact in the market place especially within bio based, biodegradable products all designed to be safer to use an more effective.

Initially we had an interest in the automotive industry and seeing a potential market within the car wash category we began by gathering together, green product consultants, green chemical formulators, bottlers and sales contacts in the industry. With the launch of the first Multi-Use/Multi-Surface Car wash concentrate, USA Green LLC launched EH5 into the fleet cleaning side of the car wash industry and landed portions of major Rental Car Chains for testing. The test period has led to a 5-year long history in the car rental business.

This led to the development of new products with safer chemistry in mind such as our RAVA Odor Eliminator concentrate made with Enzymes and natural Extracts for use in cars, homes, hotels and more. This led to a 4-year history with RAVA in the car rental business which then led to a retail ready to use 6 ounce spray bottle of RAVA in 5 fragrances all with the same quality ingredients and with the same performance as required from our concentrate product. The market share is growing with RAVA as we outperform the competition.


We then widened our focus from automotive and rental car companies to other categories as our name grew and we began to custom design cleaners, degreasers, soaks odor eliminators and more for different businesses. Some of these items we produced for private label by the companies requesting them.

While other products we developed, and began to market as we see the need. For instance; we received a call from a salesman at a well-known chemical company asking if we had in our inventory or could produce a good descale product for a large chain of wineries throughout the North West.

As a result we developed a customized descale product specifically for winery’s that reduced their exposure to hazardous and dangerous acid products to a descale product classified as a nonirritant. This allowed them to remove water scale from their plexiglass enclosures on their bottling lines as well as clean their stainless tanks and floors.

We may have started out with the Car Rental industry but we have advanced to include other specialty markets like Restaurant Hood Cleaning products, Winery Descale and Degreasers, Engine Degreasers, Stainless Cleaners and Home Use products.


Our philosophy has matured and expanded the longer we have been in business. We still want to find the best path that best serves business and environmental aspects but we also want to find ways to improve the lives of those in our community and our nation. We do this by not only developing new products but by improving products for standard needs.

We also take the time to give back to our communities and our youth through a variety of programs. Our founders believe in community service, service to others and are regular volunteers in the community and within national programs such as Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs, where we teach Leadership, Aerospace Education and Search and Rescue.

We also help with Wreaths for Fallen Veterans, where we reach out to our fellow businesses and community for funding, purchasing and placing wreaths on fallen veteran’s grave stones in different cemetery fields of honor around our community during Christmas time.

As needs grow in our communities and businesses for greener, safer, and more effective chemical products we explore those needs and look at the potential solutions that will best serve business and their employees while also helping to protect and preserve our environment.

We are always looking for cutting edge technological and chemical compositions that are safer and greener than what was before and we believe in consistently improving upon what we have already produced to increase effectiveness, lower cost and improve safety. Many times we can improve an existing product making it safer to use even if it cannot be classified as “green”.


We want to expand our business model, increase our number of products and increase our sales across different market lines. In the near as well as distant future, we plan on expanding and increasing jobs in our community.

As we increase our revenues through providing good quality products it’s always been with future service in mind to others. Can we be an example and a source of good in our community and nation? Can we help others and improve the outlook of our youth? We not only plan on it, we’re already doing it and will expand how and what we do in the future.